After Communion Reflection

Dear Lord, I adore you, I love you, I hope in you, and I believe in you.  Welcome into my unworthy heart.  You told us Lord Jesus, that “he who eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, abides in me, and I in him”.  My body has now become a tablernacle.  My body is now a Temple of the Holy Spirit.

St Bernard tells us that now that I have received the Lord Jesus into my body, that the angels surround me as a guard of love.   St Pio said that “if the angels could envy, they would envy me for having received the Lord Jesus in Holy Communion.

Now is the time for a most intimate exchange of love with Jesus.  Let it be a love of self giving.  Now is the time for a union of my heart to the heart of Jesus.  Now is the time to thank Jesus.

Thanks you Lord for the gift of you in Holy Communion.  Thank you for sacrificing yourself on calvary for my many sins.  Thank you Jesus for sending us your Holy Mother, to help, guide and protect us.  Thank you Lord for the gift of life.  Thank you Lord Jesus for the trials, difficulties and crosses, for it is only through these that we grow stronger in our faith, and that we come to understand how little we can do, and how much we utterly depend on you.

I now carry you Lord Jesus in my body, as Your Mother Mary did.  Dearest Mother, Queen of Peace and cause of our joy, help me, by giving me the same sentiments of love and adoration that you entertained for Your son, when he was enclosed within your Immaculate Womb.  Let us allow our thanksgiving after Holy Communion to pass through her Immaculate Heart, and then we can be sure that she will transform it into a more pure canticle of love and adoration.

Lord Jesus, you no longer walk on this world, so you rely on me to give you eyes, legs….. a body.  Today, I make a resolution to allow you to work through me and use me as an instrument, so that others can come to know your love, peace and joy through me.



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