Love One Another

Our Lord challenges us to love, as He has loved, especially those we find most difficult.

The Servant of God, Cardinal Van Thuan, who was imprisoned for 13 years, by the Communist Government, said “it would be so wonderful if God required us only to love Him.  However, He has chosen also to require the difficult obligation to love our neighbour.”

For many different reasons some people will naturally be more difficult for us to like than others, but we can love them.  We can pray for them, wish them well, hope for their eternal salvation, and do kind acts for them.  This is the challenge of living out the Gospel.  This is being a light to the world.

There is a tradition which says, that when John the Apostle or Evangelist, lived on the island of Patmos, he used to have mass each Sunday.  People would flock to Patmos from the surrounding islands.  They noticed that each Sunday he would give the same homily “love one another.”  He was once asked why do you always give the same homily, and he said “this was what the master kept saying to us.”

Love is the Christian vocation.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, helps us to heed the commandment Jesus left His followers the night before He died “love one another as I have loved you.”  AMEN.

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