God is Love

God became one of us through Jesus, so we could better understand God.  In other words that God is love.

I recall vividly when I lived a very busy life, and God had slipped down my priority list.  The idea of coming closer to God continued to pop into my head, but I wasn’t really interested.  Eventually and RELUCTANTLY, I decided to investigate.  I began to discover God’s love for me.  How God had become a man to die for me.  That God’s love for me was unconditional, regardless of my faults and failings.  I noticed the more I let God into my life, the more I cared for others.  I experienced a new kind of superior happiness, a joy!  I felt I had found true treasure, and I wanted to share this good news of God’s love.

I once heard the testimony of a man who had grown up in a loveless and violent home.  He fell into a life of crime and began to make $90,000 a week, running a car stealing operation for the Russian Mafia.  He ended up murdering someone who had threatened his position.  After 19 years in jail one day he had a life changing experience.  He had a feeling of being loved and understood for the first time.  He knew this was God, even though he didn’t know anything about God.  That day, during his recreational hour, he saw the trees and the sky for the first time.  He was alive.  He searched for this God who loved him.  He eventually came to understood God’s love through Jesus, and the Catholic Church.  He now helps juvenile offenders by trying to understand them as God understood him.  He asks them the question he was never asked.  What drove you to do this?  He tries to stop them going down the same road he took.  Knowing that God is love changed his life, and now he changes other lives.

It is up to us to spread God’s love.  Jesus gave us His Church, and the sacraments, to strengthen us, so we can spread His love.  We spread God’s love in many different and simple ways……like visiting an elderly neighbour, listening to a friend in need, forgiving those who have hurt us, or visiting the sick.  Our little acts make a difference.  Mother Theresa put it well.  She said all she did was just a drop in the Ocean, but if she didn’t do it her drop would be missing. 

Many people today say they don’t believe in God, but I wonder have they the wrong concept of God.  Perhaps if we thought God was who they perceive Him to be, we also would not believe.  Like Peter, we are truly blessed if we understand that God is love. 

May the Blessed Virgin Mary help us and our families, to always know that God is love, and to share that love we receive with others.  Amen


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