The Spirit Of Truth

In today’s Gospel Jesus promises us the Holy Spirit, who He calls the Spirit of Truth.

We recall Pilate asking Jesus, what is Truth?  For thousands of years people have struggled to discover what is real.  Jesus gave us the answer last Sunday.  He is the Truth.  Jesus came to bring a different Kingdom to Earth… where there is only love…where it is in giving that we receive…and the weak, the persecuted, the vulnerable….they are the blessed ones.  He reveals that God is Our Merciful Father, and He loves us, His children, more than we can ever imagine.  He wants us to know the truth about who we really are.  The truth about how special we are.  When we feel down, feel bad about ourselves and insecure, it’s not the truth about who we really are.  Jesus came to show us that we all have something unique and wonderful to contribute to the world. 

Jesus encourages us to seek the truth.  He promises us a peace and joy the world cannot give.  He “will not leave us orphans.”  His Spirit of Truth will guide us through life’s challenges.  We become like the person driving at night with the headlights on.  We see the dangers, the potholes, and make the correct decisions.  People like Mother Theresa lived a life in the Truth.  She was inspired to choose the good and to give of herself for others.  The Spirit of Truth shines a light on our lives.  We are helped to see any knots that hinder us.  Personally speaking, I must admit that I have not enjoyed learning some truths about myself.  My pride has been dented.  Jesus encourages us to not be afraid.  He promises us that it is better to know the truth, to know what is real.  Only the truth sets us free.  He assures us that if we believe in His goodness, then “out of our hearts shall flow rivers of living water.”  This goodness then spreads from our hearts to others.    

Today Jesus asks us to cooperate with the Spirit of Truth in our lives.  How?  He desires that we “freely choose” to love and trust Him.  He will multiply abundantly whatever we give in faith.  A fella once told me a story about a poor man in a city who had 10 big rocks in a bag.  One day the King came to the city.  He noticed the poor man through the crowds.  The king ignored everyone else and sought out the poor man.  The poor man felt so special.  Then the king asked him for all the rocks in his bag.  The Poor man became angry thinking “why is this King who has so much asking me for all I have.”  The poor man reluctantly gave the King 3 of the 10 rocks he had.  Later he looked into his bag and saw that 3 big nuggets of gold had taken the place of the 3 rocks.  If only he had given the 10 rocks he lamented.  God will NOT be outdone in generosity.  Whatever we give him he returns a hundred fold. 

On Friday Pope Francis went to visit Our Lady to pray for guidance and protection for his trip to the Holy Land.  He encourages us to go to our Spiritual Mother with all our needs.  Let us ask Our Blessed Mother to help us to believe, and trust in “Our” Father’s Mercy and Goodness….. to drink from the fount of living water …..AND.. to be not afraid to open the doors to Christ and the truth….  

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