I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Throughout the ages people have made all sorts of great claims about themselves, but Jesus stands alone in telling us today “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  In following Him, we are on the right path to obtain Truth & gain Life.

Let’s consider Jesus as the Way.  A way leads us somewhere, but usually there are a few routes.  Jesus doesn’t say I am the best way, the fastest way, the easiest way, but THE Way.  There is therefore only one way.  The Early Christians were known as “followers of the Way.”  Jesus is the way to the Father, the Way to Heaven, and the way to Eternal Happiness.  Personally speaking sometimes I have lost my way, and have tried to convince myself that I was still on track.  A fella recently told me about a man driving home from work on the Highway.  His wife frantically phoned him in the car to warn him to be careful.  It was all over the news that someone was driving down the highway going the wrong way.  He said “honey….as usual the news guys have it all wrong.  There is not just one car going the wrong way, there are hundreds of cars going the wrong way.”  Jesus tells us today there is only one way.

How is Jesus the Truth?  In a world of constant change and flux, philosophers for thousands of years, have sought the truth.  They have scratched beard after beard, trying to discover what is real.  Jesus has… and is the answer.  He himself is the Truth.  Jesus came to shine a light on what is false and to show the truth.  What is true is not always initially appealing but the truth liberates us.  When we go to confession and encounter Jesus, we encounter truth in our lives.  The burdens which blind and hold us back are removed.  Only the truth sets us free.  Everything finds its real meaning in Jesus.  If we have decisions to make, and are confused, such as changing a job for instance, it’s good to examine how things firstly relate to Jesus.  What does Jesus want me to do?  What do I desire to do?  The correct path becomes clear to us.  Our reasons for changing job become clear.  We can see what things really are, and make better and safer decisions.

So Jesus is the Way, and the Truth, but how is He the Life?  We know oxygen and food keep us alive physically, but only in following Jesus do we gain spiritual life.  Animals and plants also live through food and oxygen but they are not spiritual beings like us.  Jesus is talking about a different type of life.  Only we can participate in the Divine Life, the Life of God, and supernatural life.  Following Jesus makes us fully alive.  We become more complete and fulfilled.  God has designed us for Himself, so as the great St Augustine told us, our hearts remain restless until they rest in Him.  We desire this life with Him all the time, without even realising it, and this sometimes leads us to the wrong places to fulfil this desire.  We can only eat a certain amount of food, but if Jesus lives in us we continuously soar to new heights.  Jesus encourages and assures us that He gives us a peace and a joy that the world simply cannot give.

Let us ask Our Lady, in this special month dedicated to her, to help us remember that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  He encourages us today to follow Him and to not be afraid.  He tells us to not be troubled and to trust that His way is the true one, and that only through Him do we become fully alive.  AMEN

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