The Severity of Pride

“If there is a special holiness in you, be afraid of losing it.  How?  Through pride.  The holiness of the chaste perishes in one way if they commit adultery; it perishes in another way if they become proud.  And I make bold to say that those who lead the married life are better, if they hold onto humility, than those who are chaste and proud.  Your graces should consider what I am saying very carefully.  Take the devil; was he ever charged at God’s judgement seat with adultery or fornication?  He doesn’t do anything of that sort, as he doesn’t have flesh.  The one thing that casts him into eternal fire is PRIDE and ENVY.

When pride creeps into a servant of God, straightaway envy is to be found there too.  The proud person cannot help being envious.  Envy is the daughter of pride.

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