Prayer of An Iraqi Priest Who Was Martyred

The Final Prayer of Fr Ragheed Ganni

O Lord,

I do not believe that they will look upon this prayer of mine as if it were that of a pessimist,

because they have always known me as an optimist.

Perhaps they forgot, and they were asking the reason for my optimism.

They saw me smile and give courage and strength in the most adverse situations.

When, however, they remember the difficult times through which I have lived,

and the difficulties in which I am undefeated,

those same adversities which showed my weakness and at the same time Your strength,

my fragility and Your power,

then they will know that I was speaking about You, who are my hope,

that I really knew you, and that You were the reason for my optimism,

even though conscious of the closeness of my death.

Allow me now to be only with You, for I have a wish to present to you,

to You who know the times in which we are living,

– and I know how weak humanity is, for I am human –

and I want You to be my strength:

allow no-one to insult the priesthood with which I am charged.

Help me not to fall into weakness, not to submit in order to preserve my life,

because I want to die for You, to be able to live in You and with You.

I am ready to meet You; help me in my weakness in the hour of temptation,

because, as I said, I know humanity, but as I also said, I know You.

Oh my strength! Oh my power! Oh my hope!

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  1. Found you on a Tweet list. Thanks.

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