Christians Believe in Someone, Not Something – The Pope

( The Christian faith is not based on believing in something, but in Someone, Benedict XVI says.

The Holy Father reflected on the beginning and ending words of the creed: “Credo” and “Amen.”

“What does ‘I believe’ mean?,” he asked, indicating that it can mean to accept something among one’s convictions, to trust someone and to be certain.

“When, however, we say it in the Creed,” he said, “it assumes a more profound meaning. It is to affirm with confidence the real meaning of the reality that sustains us, that sustains the world; it means to accept this meaning as the solid ground on which we can be without fears; it is to know that the foundation of everything, of ourselves, cannot be created by us, but can only be received.”

The Holy Father added that Christian faith is not “‘I believe something,’ but ‘I believe in Someone,’ in the God who revealed himself in Jesus.”

“In him I perceive the real meaning of the world,” the Pontiff said, “and this believing involves the whole person, who is on the way to him.”

“The word ‘Amen,’ which in Hebrew has the same root as the word ‘faith,’ takes up this same concept: to lean with confidence on God, the solid base.”

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