Who are the Liberals in Religion?

The Latin  adjective, liberalis, has many meanings: of freedom, of free citizens, gentlemanly, honourable; generous, liberal and handsome.  What can we truely call Liberal in a religious context however?

Any ideology which condones the murder of the most innocent and helpless human beings in the world, i.e., babies in their mother’s womb – is evil.  Any ideology which supports and promotes contraception thus rejecting God’s life giving power – is evil.  “Liberal Catholicism” would seem to promote individual agendas.   As you can see, the word liberal in “Liberal Catholicism” has been completely distorted and perverted from its true life-giving meaning.   The concept “Liberal Catholicism” corresponds with no object in reality – there is no “Liberal Catholic Church”.  Christ established one Church. There will always be only one Catholic Church. People are either faithful or not to Christ and His Church.

The saints of the Catholic Church were the true liberals; they gave their lives in the service of the Church and souls.  Blessed Pope John Paul IIwas a truly liberal man who tirelessly defended the family and was a firm bulwark against the “culture of death”.  All you faithful Catholics are also the true liberals in the Church!

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