Chaplet for the Holy Souls

How to pray the Chaplet for the Holy Souls

Make the Sign of the Cross. Then say the Apostle’s Creed.…I believe in God.

Then say an Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, and a Glory Be

For each decade, proceed as follows:

On the large bead prior to 10 small beads, say:

“O Holy Souls
draw the fire of God’s love into my soul,
to revealL Jesus Crucified in me here on earth,
rather than hereafter in Purgatory.”

On each of the small beads, say:

“Crucified Lord Jesus,
have mercy on the souls in Purgatory.”

When you have completed all 5 decades, say 3 times the Glory Be

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3 Responses to Chaplet for the Holy Souls

  1. Annie Goman says:

    Prayer for all souls that needed our help.

  2. Annie Goman says:

    I like this site. As a Catholic I recommend this to all.
    There are more prayers for all prayerful to learn & increase
    our faithfullness to our loving GOD.

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