485:1 abortions for every adoption in the UK

N_Ezine Nadine Dorries - Nadine Dorries British MEP...


Not only is abortion legal in Britain, more than 190,000 babies are killed by abortion each year. Now, according to a Conservative MP, childless couples are being denied the chance to adopt because the health system is a “conveyor belt” towards abortion.

Only 400 babies were put up for adoption last year in Britain – an astonishing and disturbing ratio of 485:1 abortions for every adoption. “The abortion process is so streamlined that adoption is just fading out,” said Conservative MP, Nadine Dorries.

Ms Dorries points out that a woman with an unplanned pregnancy is immediately referred by her GP to an abortion clinic for advice. Abortion is a £60 million a year industry in Britain and Dorries says the clinics have a conflict of interest in giving advice as well as well as carrying out the abortions and she is calling for independent counselling.

“It’s no longer good enough to say ‘it’s a woman’s right to abort’,” said Ms Dorries. “It’s also a woman’s right to have counselling.” According to the Conservative Home website 71% of MPs polled would support Ms Dorries’ Bill.

Ms Dorries spoke at a press briefing last week before the debate on the Health and Social Care Bill that is currently going through Parliament. She and Labour MP Frank Field have tabled an amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill which would require new GP-led groups to offer “independent information, advice and counselling services for women requesting termination of pregnancy”, by a body “that does not itself provide for the termination of pregnancies.” Ms Dorries maintains that the amendment has the support of about 150 MPs from various parties.

At the press briefing, Dorries continued by stating that vulnerable pregnant women felt like they were rushed on a “conveyor belt” in a “sterile” and “inhuman” environment rather than being given the time to think about the “life-changing” decision that they had before them. Co sponsor of the bill, Frank Field, MP said that: “In the huge scandal of pension mis-selling, Parliament quite rightly took the decision to separate advice from the process of selling. We wish, quite simply, for this basic principle to be applied to the provision of NHS abortions.”

Nadine Dorries added, “Many women find the process of their abortion distressing and have to live with that experience for the rest of their lives. Many women are angry to learn about this financial conflict particularly if they have suffered as a result of their abortion. I have so much sympathy for those vulnerable women who had no independent help and no support and who live daily with the consequences. This amendment will ensure that no woman experiences this ever again.

According to the Christian Telegraph a second amendment is being tabled which further highlights the financial interests in abortion resulting in conflicting advice from Royal Colleges about the provision of abortion and it’s Psychological after effects.

A small group of 18 members of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists which recently published its draft findings has concluded that there are no psychological impacts of abortion. In contrast to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, this guidance was put together by a group of 18 people, of which 11 make their living from abortions and also included 2 representatives of large-scale abortion providers.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists, whose members meet women suffering from their abortion experience, recently consulted widely with its 12,500 members and revised its guidance to recognise a link between abortion and psychological harm.

Nadine Dorries said: “The second amendment will transfer responsibility for drawing up the clinical guidelines for women seeking induced abortion from the RCOG to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). These RCOG guidelines have been too influenced by abortion providers who have a financial interest in abortion provision. This is like asking British American Tobacco to draw up guidelines for smokers.”


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