New Video Shows the case against early stage abortions

March 30, 2011 ( – In a brand-new, fast-paced video, the pro-life site makes the “case against abortion” based upon the development of the pre-born child.

View the video HERE.

“At what point does it become wrong to intentionally destroy a developing human being?” asks the video, going on to point out that while a startlingly high number Americans think abortion should be legal in the first trimester, far fewer agree to it in the third.  “Why the discrepancy?”

“Because a 3rd trimester abortion kills a baby, and a 1st trimester abortion kills a bunch of cells,” the video suggests, than asking, “Or does it?”

The video then presents a series of photographs and footage of first trimester embryos and fetuses, as well as factual evidence about the unborn child, that point out just how unlike a “bunch of cells” the unborn baby is, even in the first trimester.

“At any and every stage of pregnancy, abortion kills a rapidly developing, genetically-distinct human being,” concludes the 3-minute film.



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