Libyan Bishop Criticises Bombing


Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, the apostolic vicar of Tripoli, has renewed his criticism of military intervention in Libya.

“From last night to tonight we heard several very loud explosions, albeit in the distance, with the counter-attack by the Libyan anti-aircraft artillery,” he said on March 22. “I do not see where all this will lead us. Is it possible that people do not understand that bombs do not solve anything? Once again I appeal to try and find a diplomatic solution, perhaps through the mediation of some African leaders. He who encourages this war must understand that Gadaffi will not give up. This risks creating a very lengthy crisis with an uncertain outcome.”

“The small Catholic community is restricted,” he added. “Today 100 people should depart, including Filipino nurses and workers of other nationalities who wish to leave the Country. But there are still many Filipino nurses who continue their work in hospitals.”

1.8% of the nation’s 6.7 million residents are Catholic, according to Vatican statistics; almost all of the Catholics are guest workers.

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