Church Teaching on Faith & Morals Will NEVER Change


We would like to explain to all faithful Catholics why the Church’s teaching regarding Faith and Morals has never, and will NEVER change.
Its something we hear so often, and yet many Catholics might not actually know why.  We will try to explain this as simply as possible. In Quastiones Disputatae de Veritae (examined discussions concerning truth) the Angelic Doctor St. Thomas Aquinas says that truth in relation to a human being is basically a correspondence of the human intellect and existence. In other words the reason my laptop is black is because it is black; my mind does not impose blackness onto the laptop.
In the Summa Theologica St. Thomas states:
“Truth is found in the intellect according as it apprehends a thing as it is; and in things as they have being conformable to an intellect.  This is to the greatest degree found in God”.
According to St. Thomas, God’s intellect and His being are one.  God’s existence is the very act of His understanding. Everything in the created universe existed in God’s intellect from all eternity before it came into temporal being.  God knows Himself and every created entity perfectly.  St. Thomas proceeds to state again in the Summa:
“Whence it follows that not only is truth in him, but that he is truth itself, and the sovereign and first truth”.
God is pure act; the unmoved mover;uncaused cause – God is changeless.  There is no potentiality in God like us. St. Thomas sums this up succinctly: “Hence the truth of the divine intellect is immutable”.
There it is guys,it is a metaphysical impossibility that the Truth’s of the Holy Catholic Church will ever change – because God does not change.  God communicates His Truth through His spotless Bride, our Holy Mother Church; and like a good Mother, the Church wants what is best for Her children.  There is no such thing as an ‘accidental’ birth.  Everyone of your features was meticulously designed in the Divine Intellect from all eternity!   Just think about that for even a moment.   What dignity the Church’s teaching bestows on every woman and man walking on this planet.  You are not the result of some random evolution – there is a plan behind you, and you have something unique to contribute.
It is a great source of comfort to know that God will not change. The ancient Greeks and Romans lived in constant fear under the illusion of ‘gods’ who were in the main capricious and jealous of humanity.  Our God is Love, Wisdom , Mercy, Justice etc all in one.   His Justice is His mercy; His Wisdom is His Love etc.   As Catholics we have received the most extraordinary gift of the Catholic Faith.  Our Faith is One, Holy , Catholic and Apostolic.  Our Faith is pure becuase every one of its doctrines come straight from Almighty God Himself!   Wow!   What an amazing grace it is to be a Catholic.  Off course, most of all we have Jesus truly and substantially present in the Holy Mass, and in every tabernacle in the world. Lets contemplate, marvel and most of all spread our Faith!
God Bless You,
Timothy and Titus.
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