Blessed Alexandrina Maria Da Costa

The Servant of God Blessed Alexandrina Maria Da Costa

The servant of God Alexandrina Maria Da Costa was born at Balasar (Portugal) on the 30th March, 1904.

A jump from a window to the road below (12 feet) to escape being molested by a lustful man who had entered her house for the purpose, later confined her to bed for 30 years.  In the solitude of her own room, in the midst of great sufferings, she dedicated herself to devotion to the Blessed Eucharist, in order to make reparation for the profanations and the neglect Our Lord suffers on the part of His creatures.  It was in His school that she learnt to offer herself as a victim for sinners.

In 1935, and on several occasions, Our Lord, giving her to understand that war was a punishment for the grave sins of mankind, said “it is the lovers of the Holy Eucharist who will hold back the arm of divine justice, that the world may not be destroyed, that the greater punishments may not befall.

In the same year Jesus ordered her to ask the Pope to have the world consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to have a liturgical feast to Mary’s honour as a means to inviting men to lead a good life.  He said “in the same manner that I asked Margaret Mary for the devotion to My Sacred Heart, so now I ask you for the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother, with a solemn feast in her honour (30-07-1935).

During the war, as a devoted child of the Holy Father, she offered herself as a victim on his behalf and wrote him letters to console him in the midst of perils from international disasters.

Soon after the election of Pope Pius XII Jesus, on the 27th March, 1939, said to her “This is the Pope who will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Mother”. Three years later these words of Our Lord came to pass.  Already on the 6th December, 1940, Our Lord had assured her “peace will come, but at the cost of much bloodshed.  The Holy Father will be spared.  The proud and furious dragon that the world is, will dare not touch his person, but his soul will be the victim of this dragon.”

Alexandrina lived from the 27th March, 1942, till her death in 1955 solely on daily Holy Communion, without taking any other food.  A little before her death Jesus had said to her “Find other persons to love me in the Sacrament of My Love, who will replace you when you are gone to Heaven.  Invite men to prayer and penance and to be inflamed with My Love.  I pity the world!  What will become of it if it does not listen to this divine appeal”  And that same mother the Blessed Virgin, as a loving Mother of Mercy, showed her a means of appeasing the divine justice saying “Speak to people, speak to them about the Holy Eucharist, speak to them about the Rosary!”

She composed this prayer “O my Jesus, I adore Thee in all the places where Thou dwellest in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  I keep Thee company in place of those who despise Thee.   I love Thee company in place of those who do not love Thee.  I make reparation for those who offend Thee.  Come into my heart”.

Overcome by suffering, and offering herself as a loving victim, she died on the 13th October, 1955.

Her mission of leading people to God still continues in a visible manner, as can be gathered from the pilgrimages to her tomb and to the room where she lived and died and also from the favour attributed to her.

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